Our Services

Aimsfun provide cutting-edge intelligent and logical solutions which custom-built to meet specific business needs.
Our team has a wealth of experience working with business owners, IT managers and other key personnel, to quickly identify business challenges.

Cloud Service & Support

Aimsfun App Stack provides a wide range of cloud development, operation and maintenance solutions

Web Development

Our customized powerful and flexible framework will satisfy your web design & development needs

App Development

We build customized business software & application to help our customers launch new ventures

Database as a Service

All our solutions integrate seamlessly to facilitate business growth without limitations.

AI & Big Data Solutions

Aimsfun keeps updating the cutting-edge AI and big data solutions to enhance our products

Consulting & Marketing

Aimsfun offers the methodologies and training for building long-term organisational capability.

Value-added Features

Aimsfun is a dynamic, multi-disciplined organisation with core strengths in software development products and languages.
We provide intelligent and logical solutions that are custom-built to meet specific business needs.
All our solutions integrate seamlessly with day to day processes to facilitate business growth without limitations.

Grow Your Revenue

The digital transformation to secure and scale your revenue streams of tomorrow.

Reduce Your Cost

The digital solutions to drive your workflows, power your processes, massively improve your efficiency.

Build Your Advantages

Our capability and experience in IT innovation to set your organisation apart as a real trailblazer.

Cutting-Edge Tech

Flexible experts team applies latest tech to your product without long time internal organising.

All-in-One Solutions

One-stop is to allow you to enjoy a one-time completion or step by step convenient in your business process.

Customized Framework

Customized framework, to ensure the high performance, no redundancy, secure and extendable.

Security Architecture

Store & manage your files in a highly available repository, and protect your workload with a flexible option.

Stability & Reliability

Aimsfun is keeping updating the stable high performance solutions to our Dev&Ops services.

High Performance

Large-scale demands as changing storage space and rapid processing speed can be met within cloud.

Service Process and FAQ

Learn more about our service process and start your project here.
We are able to answer your frequently asked questions.


Our Works

We have shared successes with clients as diverse as global powerhouses & public-sector organisations through to innovative startups. We are proud of our decade of success and grateful for the clients who have shared their digital challenges with us.

Amazing Products

Designed for excellence and performance, our easy to deploy, configure, and manage products center around your needs.

Aims App Stack

  • AAS across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, to create a private, public, and hybrid cloud unified cloud platform.


  • A full-service cloud based application centred on managing the trade (import/export) areas.


  • Aimsfun document management platform, make sure your daily tasks are well ordered.


  • A high-performance cloud based App that works to make a more effective and easy hospitality experience.


  • An innovative cloud based App for hotel mgmt&services to make day-to-day processes more convenience.


  • An innovative cloud based App for hotel mgmt&services to make day-to-day processes more convenience.

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Key Partners

We partner with some of the leading technology companies.

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Latest Docs

Aimsfun is updating technical tutorials and documents to help clients understand more about techniques.
Visit AimsDocs Platform and the tutorials of our user community.

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2017-05-25 14:14:59

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2017-05-25 14:14:59

Catering industry in the dinner, fast food, Chinese food and other market segments, with different management features. With the popularity...

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